Her Night (Digging Up Perspective 2)

She’d given up on screaming after she’d felt her throat begin to bleed. It was pointless. She was alone. Alone and cold. She flinched as her hands brushed against the broken satin coverings at either side of her again, the edges of the previously soft material rough and crusty with what she could only assume was her own blood. It wasn’t like she could see to confirm though.

Her fingers curled and hit the side regardless, limb pulling immediately to her chest as the burning sting of infected, broken skin sent agony pulsing straight to her brain.

“-Hck-!” It was a strange, stupid sounding noise. “…N-hnck…” She hated herself for it, even though she knew no one could hear it. Something warm and wet traveled down her cheek as she grit her jaw, the very motion sore and painful to her now. She could only imagine she looked like hell. She certainly felt like it.

There was no time here. No clocks. No motion. She knocked her head if she tried to sit up and ran her feet into cloth if she tried to turn or curl. She’d already choked on the plush interior of wherever she was… Already discovered the hard wood encapsulment beyond the satin when she’d tried to claw her way out. So it was simply soundless, inescapable darkness…and memories.

…She wasn’t sure which part was worse.


She bit her lip to stifle another noise, deliberating sleep before deciding to recall his face again. She almost hoped it was the last time. …She’d had the same thought before though.

The ceremony had been beautiful. Her mother had been so happy… Ray had looked so very, very handsome. With their families as different as they were, nothing about the day had been easy, but her understanding was that no wedding ever was. She almost laughed, but instead smirked drolly as her lips stuck together with their collective dryness. She tried to lick them but didn’t gain much moisture from her efforts.

God, but that cake had been amazing. The dance was great. Ray had even gotten the band to play that one song she liked… Not that she could remember the name of it now. Hell. She was struggling to remember her own name as it stood.

They’d gone…somewhere she’d wanted for their honeymoon though. She remembered that much. Remembered that this was…somehow her fault. She’d…wanted to… Her brows pinched and her body convulsed with the pain muscle contraction brought.  What had she wanted to do?

All she could remember was the blood. The pain. How worried Raymond had looked and how awful the hospital had smelled.

Thump. Thump. Scriiiitch. Thump. Scriiiiitch. Scriiiiitch. 

Her eyes opened wide. Noise. That wasn’t in her head. That was…that was noise!!! “H-H-HCK!” She tried to yell, body convulsing and head smacking resonantly against the pink fluff above her as her voice caught in a barrage of coughs.

Scriiitch. Scriiiiitch. Thump. Scriiitch. Scriiiitch.

H-He-hchk-“ Too soft. They’d never hear her. She’d be here forever. Poor Ray. Poor Ray would be left alone and sick without her! R-Ray…Please…Just…Whoever you are…don’t stop. Don’t! I’m…I’m Here! I’m HERE!! “Hchk-!”

Scriitch. Thump. …………………………

Please…. “Help…Help me…” Too late. Too late!!! There was no more sound. She was…alone again. Her eyes watered, heart rising to her throat as she willed her heart beat slow and silence in order for her to listen better.


“……!” Her eyes flicnhed shut as light streamed in, the lid of her prison lifting to allow cold, fresh air in. “….” She blinked her eyes slowly, form shifting with a series of painful creaks and pops as she willed her eyes to open again.


“I’m here…”

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