Grateful 365 #24 – Noise


I’m not entirely sure where chunks of today went, but what I am sure of is that will continue to cycle through whatever channel I’m on, youtube playlists will continue to loop, and mp3s will play out their musical payloads no matter what state I’m in.

I’m grateful for the noise–whether talking or music or just sound effects and laughter. When I often wake with a sudden need to focus on anything but myself, noise or music is exactly that anchor. Maybe anchor is the wrong word…maybe noise is the kite I need, lifting me up and instantly engaging me in whatever form it takes. When trying to nod off back to sleep that same blanket of sound helps make the transition easier, coating my mind with varied unlikely lullabyes.

I’ve always been a fan of sound in the air, and although I would like to praise one or two in particular, it was a team effort that I’m grateful for today.

So thank you noise for being there and not minding whether I was focusing on you or tuning you out.

~all the love~

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