Grateful 365 #29 – Simple Strumming

guitar3When Rockband first hit the scene, I couldn’t have been more excited. I’d always enjoyed rhythm games and the idea of pantomime playing to my favorite rock anthems was too awesome an idea to not powerslide right into it. It wasn’t long before I had a plastic neck in my hand and my fingers poised over multicolored buttons. Surprisingly though, it wasn’t long before I put the controller down and solemnly walked away.

The game was fun, sure. But that…noise. That terrible, horrible missed chord noise that punished you for missing a beat… I couldn’t take it. I couldn’t stand it messing up songs that I loved. It scared me away from taking anything other than drums or microphone for years!

Maybe it’s that same aversion to dischord that makes getting a few chords on an actual instrument so damn rewarding.


Recently a friend of mine gave me a guitar– one with history and character. That in and of itself is something to be extremely grateful for and adds an extra layer of pleasant feeling every time I open the case. Since then I’ve been practicing.

Not a lot– in fact, I probably don’t have more than a couple of hours under my belt. My novice fingers still suffer dents and soreness afterwards, but, wonder-of-wonders, I’ve gotten to the point where I can clumsily strum my way through a song or two.

It’s a great feeling– strumming and humming a little “Mad World Here” or a little “Zombie” there.

The best reward though?

It’s not hearing that awful noise from Rockband. Or at least not hearing them as often.

I’m grateful for the ability to make music in a new way, with a new instrument…and for all the joy and pleasure a little simple strumming can bring.guitar

~all the love~

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