Anime You Wouldn’t Think You’d Like – A Preface

neededit Preface harem anime AYWTYLAnime You Wouldn’t Think You’d Like is a series dedicated to  worthwhile anime that might otherwise go unnoticed or willfully ignored. These titles fall into all sorts of categories from the weird to the wacky to the plain surprising.

I was inspired to make a column like this after a panel at 2013’s Seishuncon kindled my interest with a sampling of titles I would have never even thought to check out. Stuff from genres I would generally never explore, series that showed character and depth even in the first episode or two.

That said, I’m not reviewing the first two AYWTYL  because of bizarre titles, weird premises, or the so bad it’s amazing honors that some featured titles will. In fact, these two, along with other titles I plan to cover, have a lot of fans and people who recognize them as the gems they are already.

So why the “anime you wouldn’t think you’d like” label? Well because I didn’t think I’d like them.

Yes, these two are here purely because of  easily made assumptions and a personal (former) bias . Bias against what, you ask?

Harem anime.

There, I said it.

Love+Hina_wallpapers_151I had nothing against it, really. It’s just that I, like many, met Ketaro and Tenchi back in the 90’s, made it through all or most of Love Hina and the No Need series(es)es)), and called it a day. Harem is as harem does, and if you’ve seen one, you’ve seen them all…right?

Tenchi Collection

Well, I thought so at least. Sure I’d catch an episode here and there of something ridiculous and ecchi, and you’d best believe I’m current on several reverse harems… But unless it was outrageous and goofy or nicely filled that little Mary Sue deep in my heart, I didn’t see much point in checking out any title with one guy and more than one girl on the cover. I mean, there are only so many ways to retell the story of “hapless guy awash in a sea of love interests,” and that’s all the male-protagonist slice of life romances were… So I wrote the genre off.



Then a friend of mine started telling me about titles he was watching. Titles with serious drama, unique characters, and all the feels. Titles that involved male protagonists…and romance. Titles that were…set in highschools. Titles that, as soon as I put two and two together, I started giving him shit for, truth be told.


…and romance?

However– always an open mind (and a firm believer that mockery tastes better when you have ingredients to cook it with) I agreed to watch a few episodes with him.



Suffice it to say, that day I dined on crow.

I now depend on him to share his shows with me because, as it turns out, he has great taste.

So you can thank Brian for the first two AYWTYL entries, Sakurasou no Pet na Kanojo and White Album 2, because without him, I literally wouldn’t have known they existed.

Stay Tuned!

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