Things You See at AnachroCon: Photo Gallery

What would a convention be without all the colorful costumers and patrons?

Here’s a small sampling of what I saw at the con this year– thanks to everyone who was kind enough to strike a pose.

Shine on you crazy steampunk diamonds!

Things You See at AnachroCon: Beyond Amazing Balloons!

anachrocon 122I wish I caught the name of the man who so cleverly used air and bendable latex to bring so many smiles to the crowds around him. Dressed in what looked like a lab coat and always amicable, this wonderful AnachroCon patron plastered smiles on everyone he encountered that day. At one point I witnessed him bridge the gap between steampunk convention and cheerleading convention as he happily forged hats and scepters for the sparkly-lidded young ladies waiting for a meal at the hotel.

Below, you can witness his amazing talents at work as he forges a crown worthy of awesome author Esther Wheelmaker!

If anyone knows this man’s identity or has links to his exploits and expertise, please share them. He definitely added a splash of flair and color to the con, and deserves every ounce of recognition!anachrocon 034

Things You See at AnachroCon: Veronique Chevalier

veroniqueThe day was ending, but the concerts were just beginning. We all clip-clopped our corseted way to the main hall to revel in some amazing music…and were in for quite the treat when we arrived!

Veronique Chevalier combines Parisian showmanship, a sharp accent, and a wicked sense of humor into one dynamite act. For those who weren’t able to roll in the aisles in person, check out her stellar performance of “Garlic with a G” below!

I know, I know…you want more, right? Well here you go! Check out more from Veronique at Weird Val’s Homepage  and Veronique’s Facebook !

Grateful 365 #45 – Love

loveHappy Valentine’s Day! Over the years, this holiday and I have had a strange relationship. I recall one time when I had a Valentine, and it was very nice. The funny thing is that I remember the Valentine’s Day I spent downing monsters in the Plague Wing with my guild on WoW better. Why? Because everyone was far more surprised by the latter and so I wound up discussing, thinking about, and writing on it.

I like Valentine’s Day. I think it’s an awesome time to appreciate your loved ones- romantic, platonic, and familial. I like to take a moment to reflect on all the love that I’ve recieved over the years. The family that raised me. The friends that supported me. The people who believe in me and stand by me day by day.lifelove

If we’re going to get romantic, I’m grateful for every moment I spent in a relationship. I’m glad I had those experiences and got to know those people better. I hope I’ve learned from each attempt so that if and when it’s time to give it a go again, I can do so a wiser, stronger person.

So today I’m grateful for love in all it’s many splendid forms and all the faces it’s worn in my life.

I hope everyone out there has a beautiful day filled with love!

~all the love~

Grateful 365 #44 – The Only Girl in the World

If you’ve been within 100 ft. of the news (televised, telegraphed, written or otherwise), you’re probably aware that it’s been snowing in Georgia again. Yes, yes. Infrastructure breakdown, power outages, a city in turmoil…


For me it was a snow day. I felt well and was able to eat, chat on facetime, do some writing for myself and for the site. …And then in an amazing atomic-level attack on productivity, I decided I would do my first few dungeons with others on Neverwinter. When I looked back up from the screen, it was 3am, and I was stir crazy.

So I bundled up and went for a walk.

snowwalkNow everytime I mention a late night walk, there’s at least one person who gasps in horror. If you feel so inclined, go ahead and get it out of the way. I’ll wait. Done? Awesome.

Personally, I was more worried about slipping and unceremoniously busting my face or ass or both. Bodily harm a la ice was, and continues to be, much more real to me than this idea that as night falls, serial killers spring from the bushes and wait for unsuspecting prey. 29 years and I have yet to meet any representative of  these burly, hand wringing, darty eyed, collectors of lady-organs, but I honestly feel that if any of them wanted my kidneys, they’d likely take them regardless of what time it was. Ice, on the other hand, puts the fear of God and gravity in me. So if it was icy or I had any trouble with traction, I’d just head back in.

I passed the overhang of the carport and took my first tentative steps. The snow compacted underheel with a satisfying crunch and I sighed with relief. Snow, I could cope with. …And it looked like it was all snow. I proceeded forward.

It didn’t look like 3am. The blazing white blanket that covered the snowalk2entire landscape caught the moon’s gaze and spilled mystic blue light into the air from all angles. The roads were barely touched. The sidewalk even less so. I made it a fair half mile before I saw another set of foot prints, and even those were shrunken and faded by the still falling snow.

The illuminated evening glittered with lazy flakes that twirled down around me. Beyond the crunch of each step as I moved, there was no sound, no motion at all.

I felt like the only girl in the world.girl

Kroger was open and I bought a soda and drank it while talking to the sole clerk and security guard–both stuck there and bored from an inactive shift. It was a nice moment of camaraderie, but I found myself anxious to get back out into the night. Snap some more pictures. Drink in the scene with my eyes. Immortalize the moment.

It’s rare to feel so alone, but there’s a peace to it that is just indescribable.kroger

I’m so grateful I was able to experience it. …I may have to rethink my once negative opinion of snow.
~all the love~

Grateful 365 #43 – A Beth

bethI talk a lot about friends in these grateful posts…and I regret nothing! Even if you don’t know my friends personally, I sincerely hope that everyone has had the good fortune to know people like them. If you haven’t found people like them, you should go out and start vigorously looking for some. (Pro-tip: I’ve found that the short ones tend to be fiesty. Bring extra pokeballs.)

beth balloon

Beth brought the balloons. And the tiaras (unfortunately not pictured.)

Today though, I’m grateful for Beth. She’s far and away one of the hardest working, most selfless, big hearted people I have ever run across. Here’s a perfect example: It was set to snow Tuesday morning (or so the weather said), and without any prompt, she offers to come pick me up to take me grocery shopping before the storm hits.

If that’s not impressive, keep in mind that she works hellishly long hours, is always running around keeping social appointments with people, and probably had slept like…4 hours in the past three days if I were to guess. She also lives a good 20 minutes away and had already brought me V8 & Mio and then driven me to Microcenter during my chemo-computer crisis last weekend.

beth2This is a girl who chases her dreams and ambitions with tenacity and purpose. A girl that cares deeply, genuinely, and unconditionally for the people in her life. A girl who knows loss and fatigue and frustration, but never lets them get the best of her. A girl that faces the world fearlessly and honestly. Everyday. She even manages to continuously care for people who have hurt her– an epic feat of strength and will and something we should all aspire to.

If there were any hours left in her days, I would wager that she’s a superhero on the side too. Knowing her, she could probably pull it off.

Even with everything she has going on at all times, she somehow manages to always be thinking of others. No, not just thinking–figuring out ways to help others and acting on it. It’s really unbelievable.

If you can find a Beth, hold on to her tightly…because she’s a friend that will always leave you in awe and make you want to be better at friendship yourself.

~all the love~

2014 Southeast Convention Overview

Take a deep breath. Do you smell that? Yes, the (hopefully soon-to-be) warming air and comforting musk of stir-crazy fanboys and fangirls. Winter has come…and is leaving. Now it’s Convention Season. Delicious.

So what cons are Krissia (my partner-in-con) and I looking forward to in the coming months?

Let’s pull out our crystal balls and stare deeply!

(Permanent Page here- 2014 Southeast Conventions. Stay tuned for updates and coverage!)

anachrocon bannerAnachro Con
February 14-16

$70 3-Day Pass
Firday $30 single day price at the door
Saturday $40 single day price at the door
Sunday $20 single day price at the door
Ambassador Pass $100 includes a specially designed badge, a gift bag, a private tea party, access to Green Room and priority seating in panels!

Atlanta Marriott Perimeter Center
246 Perimeter Center Parkway NE
Atlanta, Georgia 30346

Lawrence M. Schoen: Authority on the Klingon language and constructed tongues. Ph.D. in cognitive psychology, with a special focus in psycholinguistics. Author.

Allan Gilbreath: Author of adult vampire novels, Galen and Dark Chances and the Jack Lago supernatural mysteries.

Kimberly Richardson: Author of Tales from a Goth Librarian. Finalist in the National Best Books 2009 Awards and 2010 International Book Awards.

Lee Martindale: Author of numerous short stories. Named Bard, a Lifetime Active Member of SFWA (where she serves on the Board of Directors), a fencing member of the SFWA Musketeers, a member of the SCA, and a popular guest at science fiction conventions all over the country.

Jana Oliver: Author of Briar Rose, a dark steampunk take on Sleeping Beauty, the award winning Time Rovers triology, and Demon Trappers, a young adult series.

Thomas Willeford: Artist. Specializes in steampunk sculpture and wearable art. Author of Steampunk Gear, Gadgets, and Gizmos.

Bill Pacer: Performer, Actor, Baritone, Former War Correspondent and News Editor. Reprising the role of Benjamin Franklin, Mr. Pacer’s credits are numerous and span opera, stage, film, and paper.

Balogun Ojetade: Author and authority on Steamfunk – a philosophy or style of writing that combines African American culture and lifestyle with steampunk philosophy and fiction.

Phillip Sacco: Author, Mythologist, Speaker. Author of Awaken the Warrior- a multi-discipline study of the armor of God, and leader of Walk-n-Talks- a unique blend of astonomy and story telling.

& Many More Authors, Performers, and Artists!

Horror Track
Gaming Track
Culture & Media Track
Fabrication Track
Fashion Track
History Track
Science Track
Etiquette & Indulgence Track
Valentine’s Day Dinner
Absinthe Tasting

May 23-25

$45 3-Day price at the door
Friday $25 single day price at the door
Saturday $35 single day price at the door
Sunday $25 single day price at the door
Early Bird Rate (3-Day): $40 before May 11th

Downtown Atlanta
Hilton Atlanta And Marriott Marquis
255 Courtland Street NE
Atlanta, Georgia 30303


Troy Baker: Voice of Joel in The Last of Us, Booker DeWitt in Bioshock Infinite, Vincent Brooks in Catherine, Excalibur in Soul Eater, and many more!

Courtnee Draper: Voice of Elizabeth from Bioshock Infinite, and many various live action and voice over roles!

Doug Walker: The Nostalgia Criticand mastermind of!

Dante Basco: Rufio from Hook, Voice of Prince Zuko from Avatar: The Last Airbender, and General Iroh from The Legend of Korra!

Tress MacNeille: Voice of Dot from Animaniacs, Mom from Futurama, Agnes Skinner from The Simpsons!

Rob Paulsen: Voice of Yakko from Animaniacs, Pinky from ‘Pinky and the Brain’, and Jack Fenton in Danny Phantom!

Maurice LaMarche: Voice of The Brain from ‘Pinky and the Brain’, and Morbo/Kif/Calculon/The Donbot/Clamps in Futurama!

Cherami Leigh: Voice of Asuna from Sword Art Online, and Lucy from Fairy Tail!

Bryce Papenbrook: Voice of Kirito from Sword Art Online, and Rin Okumura in Blue Exorcist!

Sifu Kisu and Sifu Manny: The creators of martial arts style of ‘bending’ from Avatar the Last Airbender and Korra!

Jordan Weisman: Creator of Shadowrun, MechWarrior, and Crimson Skies. Founder of over 6 companies including Harebrained Schemes!

Mike Reiss: Creator of ‘The Critic’ and current writer/producer on ‘The Simpsons’!

Event Offerings:
Costume Contests
Blades Demo
MomoCon LAN Party (byoc)
Board Games
Card Games
RPG Tabletop Games

seishuncon bannerSeishun Con

June 20-22

$30 3-Day price at the door
$20 single day price at the door
$25 3-Day price pre-registration
(*prices based off 2013)

Hilton Atlanta/Marietta Hotel & Conference Center
500 Powder Springs St
Marietta, Georgia 30064
United States

More Information Coming Soon!
Last year was a blast!

metrocon bannerMetrocon
July 11-13

Single Day Ticket (Friday) $35.00
Single Day Ticket (Saturday) $35.00
Single Day Ticket (Sunday) $30.00
Weekend Pass $60.00
Weekend Pass (Early Bird Pre Reg Before March 31) $48.33
Weekend Pass (Early Bird Pre Reg Before May 31) $51.67
Weekend Pass (Early Bird Pre Reg Before June 30) $55.00
Fantasy Masquerade Ticket $10.00
VIP Weekend Pass $100 (Available until June 30, Includes: early entry to all Main Events and Special Events, premiere seating during all Guest Track, Main Events, and Special events, admission to the Fantasy Masquerade, exclusive VIP events, early admission to the Dealer’s Room, priority access to Guest Autograph Signings, and one convention T-Shirt. Benefits subject to change.)

Scott McNeil: Voice of Piccolo from Dragonball Z, Koga from Inuyasha, Duo Maxwell from Gundam Wing, Wolverine in X-Men: Evolution, Stork from Stormhawks, all manner of Transformers, and many other roles!

Mary Elizabeth McGlynn: Voice of Kusanagi from Ghost in the Shell, Cornelia in Code Geass, Kurenai from Naruto, Julia from Cowboy Bebop, and many other roles. Director of several series including Naruto, Tenkai Knights, and Penn Zero Part Time Hero. Vocalist in the American adaptation of Akira Yamaoka’s Silent Hill music.

Richard Epcar: Voice of 40 characters (and the narrator) and author of White Eyes- A Doc Savage Novel, a pulp fiction audiobook. Voice of Batou from Ghost in the Shell, and many other video games andanime. ADR Director of titles such as Blue Dragon, Unreal Tournement. Director of Lupin the Third, Ghost in the Shell 2, Noien, and others.

Ellyn Stern: Director of several projects including Samurai X and Star Wars Episode lV-A New Hope dubbed into the Navajo language. Voice of Yu’s Mom in Noein, Jack’s Mom in Marchen Awakens Romance, Hiroshi’s Mom in Zenki, and Ichigo’s Mom in Bleach. Voice of many other non-mom characters in anime and video games as well!

Zoe Van West: UK Hardcore Vocalist who has worked with Sythnwulf, Rythmics, DanielSeven, Flawless, and Transcend. Promoter of Happy Hardcore, designer of Kikgirl, and sponsered artist of Kikwear and Kikgirl.

dcon bannerDragonCon
Aug 29-Sept 1

Downtown Atlanta
Hyatt Regency Atlanta
Atlanta Hilton
Sheraton Atlanta
Atlanta Marriott Marquis
Westin Peachtree Plaza Hotel

More Information Coming Soon!

awa 2Anime Weekend Atlanta
Sept 26-28

Renaissance Atlanta Waverly Hotel
Cobb Galleria Centre
Sheraton Suites Galleria

More Information Coming Soon!

mizucon bannerMizucon
Oct 3-5

DoubleTree by Hilton Hotel Miami Airport & Convention Center
711 N.W. 72nd Avenue
Miami, Florida, 33126

More Information Coming Soon!

Grateful 365 #42 – Lint Roller Toilet Paper

DSC_0520There are many amazing things about living with housemates. The first is the housemates themselves (and mine are spectacular to say the least). Another is arriving home and finding surprises. Surprises like having your toilet paper replaced by a deceptively similar looking lint roller spool.

I believe it was placed in the shared bathroom over a week ago now, but I’ve left it because it makes me smile everytime I see it. A little practical joke (and a nice one! They left all the real toilet paper) of the sort we all need now and again. It’s only gotten me twice, but reaching over and feeling something sticky where soft cottonelle should be definitely gets your attention.

So I’m grateful for my housemates and the strange ways they make me smile.DSC_0521

~all the love~

Grateful 365 #41 – Feeling Competent

You know that terrible thing when your glowing, globally connected, technologically powered magic box stops working? Well that happened to me the other day at (of course) the worst possible time. The cool thing about my computer crash though was that as soon as it happened, I knew that I could fix it.

It was a nice feeling to say the least, especially when you take a quick glance back at my history with things like computers and vehicles.

WebPixieA few years ago, I operated my word processing video game box with the assumption that tiny fairies on the inside of the case shuttled my commands to and fro– probably carrying them to dazzling crystalline portals too small for the human eye to see. This microchip wonderland’s atmosphere relied heavily on enchanted blue smoke. The pixel pixies needed it like we need oxygen, and thus if the blue smoke started escaping into our world the fairies died. That was why things stopped working sometimes.

During these dark ages, I would rage and despair when things went awry…and finally I would beseech my friend, the technowizard, to come and resurrect the motherland of the motherboard.DSC_0505

As years went on, the technowizard told me a few of his secrets, and gradually the inside of a computer case stopped looking quite so mystical. I mean, it was still super cool and all, but it was less like Narnia and more like legos. This went here. That went there. Little slots and pegs and holes for everybody! Sure, there were still a few magic words as far as the language that made all the chips and dips run, but with help I was slowly able to grasp the basics.

After my tutelage, I installed some ram, assembled my first computer with help, and finally put one together all on my lonesome. I’ve been growing progressively bolder, and although I’m more than aware that I still have a lot to learn, my confidence has soared.


So when my power source unceremoniously whirred the death rattle of my computer a few days ago, my first thought wasn’t “PANIC!! Call tech support!,” it was, “Well shitballs, now I have to fix it.”

I suspected my harddrive because it’s super old…as in, I’ve transferred it over and over and over already. I had meant to replace it multiple times, but had never gotten around to it. Not a big deal, harddrives are cheap. So I turned off and unplugged the machine, opened up my case, grounded myself, and then turned it back on. I went to BiOS, fiddled with settings, checked all the connections. I felt super accomplished by remembering the “paper clip test” to see if the power supply (I like to call it a computer heart) was working.

Even though I wasn’t feeling well during the process, the ordeal was actually quite enjoyable– I knew I could do it. I had leveled up.

DSC_0518Longish story slightly shorter, I put in a new harddrive and a new video card (it would have been the next thing to go), and installed Windows 7. I managed to retrieve some information left on the old bricked harddrive (all my Steam user data! Hooray!), and sent it off with a mournful tune.

I’m now typing on my resurrected computer and have already been enjoying the improvements! So here’s to feeling competent!

~all the love~

Grateful 365 #40 – Winning at Technology

DSC_0510Just to mix things up, I’ll begin this entry at the end. As a shiba inu would say: “Computer. Wow. Very fix. Much work. Good run. So satisfy.” My computer not only works, but it works better than it did before. It has a new expanded harddrive, an updated OS, and a better graphics card. The best part? As though following orders from Jean-Luc, I made it so.

Alright, that’s enough backward story telling because my head feels like it’s having a brain baby and thinking too hard makes it kick. Chemo hasn’t been kind to me this round, and yesterday was a great example of just how many things can go wrong with a body at the same time. As I was key-poking my way around in an attempt to pull something of worth out of my addled brain meats, I noticed that things weren’t quite acting right… And then the screen did it’s best impression of that lights-out moment in a slasher flick — pitch black and filled with a sense of impending doom.

It was very doomy indeed.


I’m going to go into more detail about how the rest of the ordeal went in my next entry “Feeling Competent,” so that I don’t ramble too long. Bottom line though– my harddrive had magically transformed itself into a paperweight. (I have been advised to go rip it apart and take its magnets as trophies, and I’m definitely thinking about it).DSC_0528

From here, the challenge became timing my technological tinkering. The problems hadn’t sent me postcards and so I was left to do piecework problem solving. One test here and a hopeful attempt there– all in the lulls between my body deciding to reject the water I dared to put in my stomach and my bones demanding I lay down before they set fire to my nervous system. I’m not trying to whine either -I’m grateful I had those lulls.

Even more, I’m grateful that I DID it. It’d be a small accomplishment under normal circumstances, but I feel like I just replayed a game on insanity mode. I’ve never felt more victorious.

So I’m grateful for having a computer to type on again. I’m grateful it works because I was able to fix it. I’m grateful that even on a no-good, very bad day, I managed to pull off a win.

~all the love~