Grateful 365 #38- Beanies

hatI was never much of a hat fan, really. That’s changed recently. You see, chromedomes are super awesome for upkeep and easy cleaning…not so stellar on that whole “keeping your head warm” angle though. It’s also interesting to note that even with thin hair, having or not having hair at all will drastically alter how hats tend to fit you.

So beanies are best hat. Period.

I have one that a mother of a child I teach hand knit me, and it’s by far my favorite. Not just because it’s filled with love, but also because it’s neon green and softer than a kitten’s tail! In a close second though is the beanie I purchased that has round, flat headphones built into it. It’s kind of perfect for laying down in without the sensation of having something slowly boring into my ear canal on one side or the other.

I’ve got a few others that I tend to lose in the wash or under pillows or in pockets, but the bottom line is that I love my beanie hats. Head-warmingly good and fashionably cool!

~all the love~

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