Grateful 365 #39 – Waking Up



Today I woke up. It’s an astonishing sentence and a great feeling. For one, waking up means that you are alive, and being alive is amazing. Forming the sentence “Today, I woke up.” implies sentience and with that the ability to be glad that you managed this often overlooked accomplishment.
Waking up is also the first step to every other choice you have from this morning until whatever day you don’t wake up, and that’s an amazing gift indeed.


I once had an idea to do a story series that began with this premise and then went on to detail how a day could change based on decisions from one moment to the next.

“Today I woke up and got ready for work.”
“Today I woke up and decided to walk to Canada.”
“Today I woke up, took a pee, and went back to sleep.”
“Today I resisted waking up, but found that more sleep wasn’t what I needed. I supposed it was time to get those aliens out of my closet.”

Stuff like that, but maybe with a few more paragraphs in between.

Point is-anything is possible after waking up, assuming that you woke up first.

eyeI didn’t manage it today, but tomorrow I think I’ll try to appreciate the process of waking up more. I’ve never devoted too much thought to it, but it’s impressive to think that every night our conscious thoughts relinquish control to the subconscious and then manage to boot back up in a matter of minutes hours later.

Just from a sensation standpoint, I’m pretty sure it feels neat.

And so today I’m glad that I woke up. The hours of sleep were tumultuous at best, but at least I know I have a lifetime of choice and decisions right around the corner. Everything could change today or everything could wash back into that pleasant fog of normality.

~all the love~

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