Grateful 365 #42 – Lint Roller Toilet Paper

DSC_0520There are many amazing things about living with housemates. The first is the housemates themselves (and mine are spectacular to say the least). Another is arriving home and finding surprises. Surprises like having your toilet paper replaced by a deceptively similar looking lint roller spool.

I believe it was placed in the shared bathroom over a week ago now, but I’ve left it because it makes me smile everytime I see it. A little practical joke (and a nice one! They left all the real toilet paper) of the sort we all need now and again. It’s only gotten me twice, but reaching over and feeling something sticky where soft cottonelle should be definitely gets your attention.

So I’m grateful for my housemates and the strange ways they make me smile.DSC_0521

~all the love~

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