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Sofia’s Tardis: Me & The Doctor

A column for Whovians by a Whovian!

Special thanks to Sofia C. for sharing her fandom!

TardisI am a die hard Whovian. I love it all; from the very beginning with William Hartnell all the way to the current, Peter Capoldi. When I hear someone say “Doctor” I instantly think “Doctor Who?” and all of my friends want to kill me. Once you get me started, it is very hard to get me to stop. You know of the term “don’t listen to that, cause then your ears will bleed?”

Yeah, that would be what happens if you let me go off about The Doctor.

Which Regeneration is my favorite?

I love Tom Baker, and David Tennant. But in the end I really love them all for they are all the Doctor. I was first introduced to Doctor Who by an old friend of mine named Joe back in 2009. David Tennant was my first doctor, and it was an INSTANT love affair. DOCTOR WHO

I could not tell you which episode is my favorite; I love them all. I could not tell you which one touched me the most; I cry through most of them. I get the “feels” for all of the episodes, and I get the tears for all the sad ones. They all mean so much to me, and they all are a day in The Doctor’s shoes. Each teach you a lesson if you want to learn, and each one shows you a side of The Doctor that you may not have noticed before. The Doctor is both kind and cruel, both optimistic and pessimistic, and both adventurous and cautious, you take it in strides. But one thing that you will always notice is that The Doctor is a sad and lonely man. He can never be left alone to think of the friend’s of the past, choices he could have changed, or people he could have saved. It eats him on the inside, and he tries very hard to hide it from you. The Doctor ALWAYS needs a companion, or maybe two.

companionI could tell you which episode you have to watch first, to make you a fan, but by doing that I take away the chance for you to fall in love with him on your own pace. I don’t recommend a specific episode, I recommend them all. You don’t have to watch them in any order, but so semblance of chronological order is recommended  just so you don’t get TOO confused in the canon.

You can start from the very beginning; 1963 with William Hartnell, or you can start with the revival of Doctor Who in 2005 with Christopher Eccelston. It does not matter to me where you start. To me, the beginning episodes (1963- 1989) start a little on the boring side, and the only thing to keep you going is your fandom of the show, to know where it all started. But that does not mean I HATE the early episodes, it just means I like the revival episodes more. But I still love them all! In the end, the only thing that I ask is that you just give the show a try.

Start on an episode and just go with it. Ask around if you want, but just lick it up where YOU want to start, or ask a Whovian friend to show you “the ropes”.

drwhofathersday5But, if you want me to give a recommendation on which one to watch, then I have three choices for you. Either start with Christopher Eccelston, for he explains A LOT of information (yet an episode with walking mannequins is not everyone’s thing right up front). In series one, my favorite episode would have to be Episode 8: “Father’s Day”. It is a heartwarming episode in which the Doctor and Rose go back in time so Rose can see her father that she never met, but a quick decision changes history and thus causes problems in the time rift. Will the Doctor and Rose be able to fix the mistake Rose has made??? (Watch out for MAJOR feels in this episode)Or you can start with series two where David Tennant (*drools*) shows up, in this series you can see the love between the Doctor and his companion grow and thus all the feels come into play with this heart warming series.

toothandclawIn series two I have a tough choices in picking my favorite episode, so I will tell you which ones are my three favorite episodes. First off is Episode 2: “Tooth and Claw” the Doctor and Rose go back to 1879 with Queen Victoria, and you almost immediately start to laugh with Rose’s horrible Scottish accent and the way the Doctor reacts to it (for those that do not know! David Tennant IS Scottish), the episode has a wonderful twist Nd starts with a good mystery that they add onto actual history and it ends AMAZINGLY.

girl in the fireplaceMy next favorite episode would have to be, Episode 4: “The Girl In The Fireplace” (*le siiiigh*) such an amazing episode. Versailles, Madam De Pompadour, what is there NOT to love about this episode? It has a sad ending, but you get used to that in Doctor Who but it is still an episode to sit down, watch, and enjoy. I will let this episode explain itself, because it is just THAT awesome.

Now last, but NEVER the least, Episode 13: “Doomsday” this is the last episode of the series and you really have to watch episode 12 to fully understand it, but I love this episode because (in my opinion) it has the most feels of the entire second series. It is the end of the line for The Doctor’s companion Rose, and you will cry your heart and eyes out every time you watch the episode. (I know that I did, and do). The earth is once again threatened and the The Doctor has some tough decisions to make to save the day once more. What will the doctor do to save the day, and how in the end, will the day turn out to be when he is done saving it??doomsday
So there you have it my faithful Whovians, those are my recommendations and choices for what to start out with. You have my opinions, now it is time to go out and make your own thoughts on the wonderful show. Just remember, there IS a reason as to why it just recently won the Guinness book of world records for being the “LONGEST RUNNING SCI-FI SHOW”. Why? Because it is just THAT good, and we can not get enough of it! Now then, Are you ready to go? Well then my friend, in the MANY words of the WONDERFUL Doctor….

And of course





-Sofia C.

Music Mondays: AMV Bleak Friday [Serial Experiments Lain]

Do you remember that awful, awful song by Rebecca Black? The one that kept extolling the glory of Friday? This amv by editor Ileia features a morose, contemplative cover of the same song and sets it against the gritty, bleak background imagery of Serial Experiments: Lain.

The result is both hilarious and unexpectedly emotive. Not a bad way to start off a Monday by far.

Music Mondays: ONE OK ROCK 「じぶんROCK」


I initially fell in love with ONE OK ROCK when I heard their song, The Beginning, at the end of the Rurouni Kenshin live action movie.

Since then, I’ve been exploring their rather extensive discography and have landed on a new favorite on more than one occasion. This (surprise, surprise) is one of those occasions.

Jibun Rock is an incredible upbeat anthem celebrating self expression amidst a sea of doubts and against the tide of uniformity and indifference. It loudly proclaims that life is best when lived for something– even if you’re still searching for what that something is.

ONE OK ROCK 4Not only do I love the lyrics (transposed below in romaji and then translated), but the music video has this classic MTV vibe as it switches back and forth from the band rocking out next to static-filled screens and a sketchy cartoonized story of what happens when we buy the homogenized fulfillment someone else is selling. A little over the top? Sure. But it gets the message across and will likely get your head nodding and heels bouncing!

Translation:ONE OK ROCK 5

Have you woken up today remembering what to believe in?
Even as the hours pass, it seems like I can no longer believe in the times
I am unaware of the symptoms of this condition
Only the method to preventing it:
“I have to not lie to myself”

No way I’m going to forget it all!!
Even if I’m no longer myself
I will find meaning to this life, even if it’s just living
I got rid of the voice that refused to shout
I will keep on singing and screaming
Until it reaches you, I won’t stop!!

Today you keep on turning around
Not stopping regardless of who might be crying or getting mad
Even if it seems like this cold won’t ever go way
We’re continuing on without stopping just like life does
That’s right, even if there are wrinkles and folds,
people today can’t join their hands together!

Who will be able to let me finish something?
Even if it ends, a new beginning will start straight away
Even if you’re being forced to raise the standard of what you think is a miracle
Already the miracle is those who you call irreplaceable companions!

We are alive…
You going on…
Me going on…
(Nothing to you)
Without you…!

ONE OK ROCK 8WOW! It’s like hearing “no way, no way” over and over
That has nothing to do with the practical problem!
Take what you can: the important things.
Fortify yourself with it.
Hey, will this be it? Not yet, not yet! There’s still time!
Now armed with foresight, I’m honing my skills
The protagonist’s just one person! My story begins!


Kyou mo kimi wa shinjiru koto
Wasurezu ni mizamerareteimasuka?
Toki ga tatsu to jibun sae mo shinjirenakunaru jidai no youdesu
Jibun de wa kizukanai no ga kono shoujou no tokuchou de
Yuitsu aru yobouhou… wa
“Jibun ni uso dakya tsukanai koto”

Wasurete tamarumonnkayo!!ONE OK ROCK 3Boku ga boku jyanakunattara
Tatoe ikitetatte ikiteru imi sura mitsukarandaro
Koe ni naranai sakebi waboku ga koe wo karashite
Sakende utatte tsutawaru made wameite
Todoku made yamenai!!

Kyou mokimi wa mawari tsuzukeru
Dare ga naitemo okottemo tomarazu
Tameshi ni boku ga…
Kaze wo hiite mo mochiron tomaru koto nante ne-wa!!
Jinsei mo onajiyouni tomaru koto wa naku susumushi
Dakara sousa kyou mo hito wa otete ni shiwa to shiwa wo awasenno!!

Owarasechimau koto nanka dare ni datte dekinndaro?!
Tatoe owacchimattatte tsugi no SUTA-TO sugu kirenndaro?!
Ima kimi ga omou kiseki mo soko agesaseteshimaeba
Mou sono jiten de sono kiseki wa kimi ni toccha hitsuzen no onakamasa!!

ONE OK ROCK 6We are alive…
You going on…
Me going on…
(Nothing to you)
Without you…!

WOW!! Nankai dame dame to iwareyouga
Jissaimondai sonnann kankeinakute
Ima, jibunjishin hitsuyou na mono takuwaete sosoretokeyo!!
Naa soudaro?! Mada mada!! jikan wa mada annzo!!
Senken no mei ima wa togisumashite
Shujinkou wa hitoridake!! Jibun no monogatari no hajimari!!



忘れてたまるもんかよ!!ONE OK ROCK 2僕がボクじゃなくなったら

だから そうさ今日も人はお手手のシワとシワをあわせんの!!

終わらせちまう事なんか 誰にだってできんだろ?!
たとえ 終わっちまったって 次のスタート すぐきれんだろ?!
今キミが思うキセキも 底上げさせてしまえば
もう その時点でそのキセキは君にとっちゃ必然のお仲間さ!!

We are alive…
You going on…
Me going on…
(Nothing to you)
Without you…!
今、自分自身 必要なものたくわえて そろえとけよ!!
なぁ そうだろ?! まだ まだ!! 時間はまだあんぞ!!
先見の明 今は とぎすまして
主人公は一人だけ!! 自分の物語のはじまり!!

Hope you guys enjoy this Monday music as much as I do! Happy listening and rock on!


Things You See At Momocon 2014: Video Compilation

Momocon was every bit as fun this year as it was last year. Okay every bit as fun and then some!

Although any and all thoughts of this being a ‘smaller con’ were put to rest last year, this year basically did a dance on those thoughts’ grave while wearing fancy light-up stilettos. Momocon spanned two hotels this year and offered up a host of big name guests. The crowds were out in full creatively cosplayed force as well, and over the course of three days there was always, always something exciting to be done or seen.

Don’t take my word for it though!

Nothing beats being there, but if a picture is worth a thousand words, surely a video comes close, right? So here you go! Some walking, some panels, some randomness– a veritable smorgasbord of Momocon goodness in case you missed it this year.