Holiday Handbag Cuticle Oil by butter London is One Slick Product

ButterI’ve now received two different samples from Butter and have been pleased with both. Having already liked the first polish I received, I was all set to like whatever lay inside the second fashionably squared bottle that came in the mail.

The back label reads: “Fun memories for you, intensive nourishment for your cuticles. This cocktail of vitamin and natural oils smells great, works even better. Mineral oil free.”

So I really don’t have the foggiest idea what’s in it.

What I do know is that it certainly keeps it’s promise of a pleasing scent.

Moreover, a little of this oil goes a long way…and on more than just your nails! When I first applied it, the feeling reminded me of a dry oil spray I love…and so it occured to me that it might feel nice on my winter parched hands.

One try and I was sold- a single swipe from the nail brush applicator is enough to cover front and back of both hands without feeling greasy or leaving a lingering shine. It’s quick to absorb, smells amazing, and leaves skin feeling supple and hydrated.

My real love for this product though is it’s more…cerebral application. That is, if you happen to be sporting a chromedome this stuff quickly does away with dryness and itchiness of the scalp. A real relief if you’ve become too aware of the top of your head for one reason or another.

So there you have it- a little bottle that packs a punch and lasts forever.

Posh Polishes: Nail Polish by Deborah Lippmann and butter London

I enjoy a manicure as much as the next girl, and am always happy to recieve new colors and brands in my monthly samplebox from

nailpolish1The first comes from butter London, a company with a strange capitalization theme and a stylish bottle. The square lid actually slides upward to reveal a more convential cylindrical polish brush– a nice touch as it doesn’t sacrifice ease of application for aesthetics.
The color I have is “Old Bill,” a shimmering neutral bronze. The color goes on smoothly and dries in an average amount of time, leaving a nice glittering finish that can easily stand alone. The polish easily lasts the better part of a week without a top coat if you treat it gently, and wear and tear at the tips are easily patched with a swipe or two at night if you feel so inclined.

The color is classy and could literally go with anything so long as you’re alright with the glistening finish.

nailpolish3The second polish comes from Deborah Lippmann, and quickly became a favorite of mine. Unlike butter London, there’s not much to say about the bottle. The typography is nice and there are subtle indentations at the neck and base. The handle of the polish brush has a curved ergonomic grip that definitely makes it easier to hold onto– a real bonus in my book as I always struggle on my non-dominant hand.

The color I received is Private Dancer, a multifaceted shimmering purple with silver undertones. Although normally not a big fan of purple nails, I can’t stress enough how much love I have for this color. It changes personalities based on lighting and background with the agility of a chameleon and has enough sparkle to get noticed but not be obnoxious.
I love this color so hard, that I couldn’t just stop at my nails– any small project that needed a dash of color got a private dance!

Wear wise, this brand seems to be a titan. Even with far-from-gentle wear, my color lasted well over a week with only a touch-up here and there.

I like both brands, but Lippmann thoroughly thrashed butter in every area but shelf appeal for me in regard to these samples. I’d still recommend both though, because like it’s namesake, butter is certainly slick…just not my favorite color in this instance.