Frenchy and The Punk : Au Champs Elysees

Frenchy and the Punk perform an amazing rendition of the French classic at Anachrocon~!

Things You See at AnachroCon: Photo Gallery

What would a convention be without all the colorful costumers and patrons?

Here’s a small sampling of what I saw at the con this year– thanks to everyone who was kind enough to strike a pose.

Shine on you crazy steampunk diamonds!

Things You See at AnachroCon: Beyond Amazing Balloons!

anachrocon 122I wish I caught the name of the man who so cleverly used air and bendable latex to bring so many smiles to the crowds around him. Dressed in what looked like a lab coat and always amicable, this wonderful AnachroCon patron plastered smiles on everyone he encountered that day. At one point I witnessed him bridge the gap between steampunk convention and cheerleading convention as he happily forged hats and scepters for the sparkly-lidded young ladies waiting for a meal at the hotel.

Below, you can witness his amazing talents at work as he forges a crown worthy of awesome author Esther Wheelmaker!

If anyone knows this man’s identity or has links to his exploits and expertise, please share them. He definitely added a splash of flair and color to the con, and deserves every ounce of recognition!anachrocon 034

Things You See at AnachroCon: Veronique Chevalier

veroniqueThe day was ending, but the concerts were just beginning. We all clip-clopped our corseted way to the main hall to revel in some amazing music…and were in for quite the treat when we arrived!

Veronique Chevalier combines Parisian showmanship, a sharp accent, and a wicked sense of humor into one dynamite act. For those who weren’t able to roll in the aisles in person, check out her stellar performance of “Garlic with a G” below!

I know, I know…you want more, right? Well here you go! Check out more from Veronique at Weird Val’s Homepage  and Veronique’s Facebook !