Grateful 365 #28 – Hot Tea & Cold Weather

snowBorn in and raised in the southeast, it’ should come as no surprise that this…thing where the sky opens up and sprinkles ice dust on the earth isn’t necessarily my favorite.

However, the chill, like salt, is good at accentuating pleasant undertones we might otherwise miss. Things like warmth. Shelter. Blankets. Time with friends. Time with friends in shelter with lots of blankets. …And the heat cranked. …and sixteen pairs of socks and pants over your pants and shirts layered until you can’t put your arms down.

cold arms


The point is that even if the colder forces of nature aren’t my cup of tea…they make the warmer, fuzzier comforts that much more enjoyable. For example (and despite an earlier turn of phrase) my cup of tea.
I think hot tea is the best made better in times like these. It smells great, tastes great, feels warm in your hands, your mouth and your belly. Just letting your face get a hit of that steam as it cools off fills the body and senses with expectation and really drives the feeling of winter (and a very grateful shelter from it!) home.


So I’m grateful for cold weather and all the good things– like hot tea!– it makes even better!

~all the love~