Grateful 365 #43 – A Beth

bethI talk a lot about friends in these grateful posts…and I regret nothing! Even if you don’t know my friends personally, I sincerely hope that everyone has had the good fortune to know people like them. If you haven’t found people like them, you should go out and start vigorously looking for some. (Pro-tip: I’ve found that the short ones tend to be fiesty. Bring extra pokeballs.)

beth balloon

Beth brought the balloons. And the tiaras (unfortunately not pictured.)

Today though, I’m grateful for Beth. She’s far and away one of the hardest working, most selfless, big hearted people I have ever run across. Here’s a perfect example: It was set to snow Tuesday morning (or so the weather said), and without any prompt, she offers to come pick me up to take me grocery shopping before the storm hits.

If that’s not impressive, keep in mind that she works hellishly long hours, is always running around keeping social appointments with people, and probably had slept like…4 hours in the past three days if I were to guess. She also lives a good 20 minutes away and had already brought me V8 & Mio and then driven me to Microcenter during my chemo-computer crisis last weekend.

beth2This is a girl who chases her dreams and ambitions with tenacity and purpose. A girl that cares deeply, genuinely, and unconditionally for the people in her life. A girl who knows loss and fatigue and frustration, but never lets them get the best of her. A girl that faces the world fearlessly and honestly. Everyday. She even manages to continuously care for people who have hurt her– an epic feat of strength and will and something we should all aspire to.

If there were any hours left in her days, I would wager that she’s a superhero on the side too. Knowing her, she could probably pull it off.

Even with everything she has going on at all times, she somehow manages to always be thinking of others. No, not just thinking–figuring out ways to help others and acting on it. It’s really unbelievable.

If you can find a Beth, hold on to her tightly…because she’s a friend that will always leave you in awe and make you want to be better at friendship yourself.

~all the love~