Grateful 365 #25 – Pictures


I can’t help but hear “Look at this photograph/ everytime it almost makes me laugh” playing in my head right now.

Thanks for that, Nickleback.

Between yesterday and today, I have done an awful lot of looking at pictures. Old pictures. New pictures. I even combined and altered some pictures.
They’re amazing things though when you think about it. Each one is like a flat solidified memory. A captured fragment of time that you can relive whether you were there or not.PictureWall

I’ve become a regular paparazzi lately, but it’s exactly for this reason that I’ve become so adamant about keeping a record of times shared.
You know how people say that if you smile at someone, they can’t help but smile back? Same thing applies with pictures. Whether it’s me smiling, or us smiling, or someone else entirely smiling, I can’t help but echo that sentiment.

Each picture is a little window to happiness.

So I’m grateful for pictures and all the people they show.

~all the love~