Grateful 365 #44 – The Only Girl in the World

If you’ve been within 100 ft. of the news (televised, telegraphed, written or otherwise), you’re probably aware that it’s been snowing in Georgia again. Yes, yes. Infrastructure breakdown, power outages, a city in turmoil…


For me it was a snow day. I felt well and was able to eat, chat on facetime, do some writing for myself and for the site. …And then in an amazing atomic-level attack on productivity, I decided I would do my first few dungeons with others on Neverwinter. When I looked back up from the screen, it was 3am, and I was stir crazy.

So I bundled up and went for a walk.

snowwalkNow everytime I mention a late night walk, there’s at least one person who gasps in horror. If you feel so inclined, go ahead and get it out of the way. I’ll wait. Done? Awesome.

Personally, I was more worried about slipping and unceremoniously busting my face or ass or both. Bodily harm a la ice was, and continues to be, much more real to me than this idea that as night falls, serial killers spring from the bushes and wait for unsuspecting prey. 29 years and I have yet to meet any representative of  these burly, hand wringing, darty eyed, collectors of lady-organs, but I honestly feel that if any of them wanted my kidneys, they’d likely take them regardless of what time it was. Ice, on the other hand, puts the fear of God and gravity in me. So if it was icy or I had any trouble with traction, I’d just head back in.

I passed the overhang of the carport and took my first tentative steps. The snow compacted underheel with a satisfying crunch and I sighed with relief. Snow, I could cope with. …And it looked like it was all snow. I proceeded forward.

It didn’t look like 3am. The blazing white blanket that covered the snowalk2entire landscape caught the moon’s gaze and spilled mystic blue light into the air from all angles. The roads were barely touched. The sidewalk even less so. I made it a fair half mile before I saw another set of foot prints, and even those were shrunken and faded by the still falling snow.

The illuminated evening glittered with lazy flakes that twirled down around me. Beyond the crunch of each step as I moved, there was no sound, no motion at all.

I felt like the only girl in the world.girl

Kroger was open and I bought a soda and drank it while talking to the sole clerk and security guard–both stuck there and bored from an inactive shift. It was a nice moment of camaraderie, but I found myself anxious to get back out into the night. Snap some more pictures. Drink in the scene with my eyes. Immortalize the moment.

It’s rare to feel so alone, but there’s a peace to it that is just indescribable.kroger

I’m so grateful I was able to experience it. …I may have to rethink my once negative opinion of snow.
~all the love~

Grateful 365 #11 – Stuff on the Side of the Road


I am, as most people are, a creature of habit to some extent. Sure, I have varied routes with different distances when I go walking, but I ALWAYS start the same way.

Out the door, up the driveway, to the left, down the street, and to the left at the road.


Grocery run? Out the door, up the driveway, to the left, down the street, to the left at the road to the store, and turn around.

4 mile? Out the door, up the driveway, to the left, down the street, to the left at the road and then left again at the light at the top of the hill.

10 mile? Out the door, up the driveway, to the left, down the street, to the left at the road, and then right at the light at the top of the hill.

Do you see a pattern?

It’s the same start no matter where I intend to go…and I love that. The stretch of road that lays “to the left” when I leave my street is a familiar one now, and that in itself is beautiful.


Out the door, up the driveway, to the left, down the street, and to the left at the road.

What makes it better is that although the treeline is always the seem, the stuff around me changes in a manner that would make a person think the universe was putting on a scavenger hunt!

For a week, there was a very sad looking stuffed purple hedgehog toy abandoned just off the left of the sidewalk.

A few days, the limbs of an unfortunate barbie were scattered along the uphill trek.


Today it was matching hubcaps. One leaned against the crosswalk column and one hidden in the brush a quarter mile down.

It’s nothing earthshaking or even that amazing…I know. People lose stuff all the time.

Still, finding these bits and pieces of urban treasure and never knowing what I might see next brings a sort of excitement to each and every trek outside the front door. I like to think about who lost it and how these objects came to be here.

I wonder if some little girl wept over her lost hedgehog, or if she accepted his flight out of her hands as his wish… I think the same of the Barbie in pieces. What was her name? Was she loved? How did she come to dangle out the car window or fly off the hood… How did she get from a child’s hands to here?

Even more so with the hubcaps. They match, but they’re so far apart. Who changes two tires and forgets the hubcaps? Who would prop one hubcap up and leave the other framed in ivy.

It’s a strange mystery that seems to highlight the often random nature of our lives, even in the most common paths we take.

Even if my walk route changes, the beginning of it doesn’t. Even if the beginning of my walk remains the same, what I see on my way changes daily.

~all the love~

Grateful 365 #8 – Wonder

It was like walking into life itself as she opened the door to the dark chill of night.


So very cold.

It felt good against her skin, awakening nerves dulled by sleep and underactivity. Her first footfalls were silent, but solid. The ground seemed to push back against her steps, lifting her up into the serene skyscape of clouds and stars.

Her breath coalesced into mist as she exhaled, and the next cloud escaped through a smile. Her rhythm was anything but quick, and yet everything joyful as she strode away from feelings of infirmaty. She wouldn’t go far, but she could go.
The cement appeared as the future as she stepped forward and then vanished into the past as she left her last stride behind. The street lamps cast halos; the tree branches and mailboxes -shadow puppets.
Her gaze held on the lights of an illuminated neighborhood sign behind the road hers would soon join. She glided forward, the constant surroundings taken as a given…until a silent whisper of movement moved across her intended path.

coyote wikimedia commons

This is not my coyote. This is just a tribute.

The night soaked creature moved like a ghost, lithe legs carrying it quickly between the lights and the woman  where it became mere silhouette. A slender, wild frame, a slightly bushy tail. It’s figure as an entirity so natural and recognizable, it might as well have been a greek bust.

As suddenly as it had appeared, it stopped as though posing. The backlight of the neighborhood sign behind it casting the wild figure in perfect profile. The head raised curiously, pointed ears perked as it’s golden eyes glowed like moons against its dark outline. Every fine and windblown hair that framed it was  sharper than any picture and radiantly shadowed in a detail that seemed supernatural.

She hadn’t realized it, but she had stopped as well. As the moment progressed, she remembered to breath again and wondered how long it had been since she’d stopped. There was no fear in the air between them. There was no threat. One set of eyes looked at another, but she couldn’t help but think this creature was granting her this moment.

She was grateful. It was beautiful. Perfect. One-of-a-kind.

A moment made just for her by the unlikely intersection of two night dwellers’ coincidental paths.
She yearned for a picture, but the moment she reached to her pocket, it was as though the contract had been breached and the coyote looked away as though saying-


She smiled wide as a child as the canine ghosted away along its initial path and out of sight with the speed of a blink.

This moment was hers and its and no one elses. A snapshot that only her mind could ever see in all its fleeting perfection.

This is not a picture of that coyote, and the above is the best I will ever manage where giving others my experience last night is concerned. It was an amazing moment with a gorgeous animal. It was unexpected, emotionally moving in a way that surpasses words, supernaturally peaceful,  and made even more beautiful for the unlikelihood of our paths crossing when and as they did.

So today I’m grateful for the sensation I had and still have looking back- astonishment. Sheer wonder.

For all our science and modern advances, there are still those moments that we can never hope to recreate artificially. Those scenes that are amazing because we did nothing to create them. They are given to us by intersecting realities and paths which cross unpredictably.

These moments don’t just brighten the time in which they happen, but every moment afterwards as we look expectantly forward to the next time they might occur.

And they could happen at any moment.

~all the love~