White Album 2 – Todokanai Koi Fingerstyle Guitar Cover & Chords

WHITE ALBUM 2 - 01 - Large 05

In preparation for my AYWTYL on White Album 2, I decided to tool around the internet and look for some guitar chords. Now, I’m not very–no wait–I’m not any good at guitar at all. I just started and am lucky to get three of the four chords of pop music right every other day or so…

Which puts this awesome rendition of the the first opening theme from White Album 2, Todokanai Koi (届かない恋),  by Shiyun Wu so far out of my league that I’m surprised I can even see it.

For those of you who appreciate some amazing music or love the show, check it out here on youtube:

For those guitar players out there that want to give it a whirl, check out the real time chords here on chordify: